• Fiona Abrahams

Raw Talent Podcast S1 Episode 10 with Alice Canning Technical Product Developer

Updated: Aug 16

As Alice walks us through her career in Episode 10 of Raw Talent, we discover an unconventional path inspired by her childhood and the influence of her auntie who taught her how to sew. Alice seized the opportunities that came her way and honed her skills in garment construction and communication supported by strong organisational abilities to drive the critical path from sketch to final sample. Conscious of how people are treated in the workplace, Alice shares her thoughts and experiences on what does and doesn’t work.


As timing would have it, a week after recording this podcast, the CEO of Reformation, Alice’s dream brand was called out for being racist. One of their former employees wrote about her experience as the Assistant Store Manager of the flagship in New York explaining that during her time there, Reformation would hire white girls with less experience than her, in positions above her, and yet when she was managing the store alone for a year, never once was she given the opportunity to step up into the Store Managers position, even after asking. She also noted that when she was introduced to the founder, Yael Aflalo (Aflaloo) in person she didn’t look her in the eye, but just gave her a once over and turned her back. 

Subsequently, Yael posted on the Reformation Instagram in response to this. She apologised and admitted that these statements are true. She acknowledges her shortcomings as a person and as a leader. She then personally donated $500,000 to 3 black charities. She has also stepped down as CEO of Reformation and her last day at the company was the week following the recording of this podcast. The Vice President, (who was in the fried chicken photo) has since been fired. Reformation then outlined how they are improving their representation of people of colour within their head office and in their campaigns.

Suffice to say they are no longer on Alice's dream brand list, she says that if she were to answer the question again as to who is her dream brand is in light of these events, her choice would be Stella McCartney as an inspiring pioneer of sustainability which Alice feels is ever more important in the evolution of the fashion industry. Her collections are strong, timeless and beautifully made and her mission and message to work in harmony with and protect the planet never ceases.

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