• Fiona Abrahams

Raw Talent Podcast S2 Episode 5 with Life & Leadership Coach Chloe Tupper

Updated: Oct 9

Welcome to this week's episode of Raw Talent. Monday turned into Wednesday courtesy of an unexpected technical glitch. In today's episode, I am exploring life through the eyes of Chloe Tupper and the ingredients that contribute to success.

Chloe is a do-er. She says you can’t think your way into change, she's tried. Change requires action. Having worked in the Fashion, Wellness, Skincare and Lifestyle industries for the past decade, she has built extensive knowledge in brand coordination, marketing initiatives and operations. From NYC's Big Apple to the traditional Mews of London, she has experience working with corporate and private companies producing positive results in a changing world.

Chloe offers real-life solutions for living well, which requires us to roll up our sleeves by building and implementing a framework for living with ease and clarity. She incorporates some necessary maintenance tools for optimal physical, emotional and professional functionality that tweak your internal mechanisms and help you perform better with less effort. She doesn't promise transformation. And transcendence is intangible. But living well doesn’t require fairy dust. Just a toolkit, a steady hand, a deep breath and some practical guidance.