• Fiona Abrahams

Raw Talent Podcast S2 Episode 6 with home decor studio Datcha Paris

Welcome to S2, E6 of Raw Talent with Amandine Furhmann and Mériadek Caraës founders of Datcha Paris. Amandine and Meriadek met over 10 years ago, both are trained in Plastic Arts and Art History and have always worked together in the creative industries starting out at the Kamel Mennour gallery as interns. 10 years later they founded Datcha design studio in 2016, creating handcrafted useful and decorative objects for the home, presented in two annual collections comprising dishes, linens, lights and decorative objects designed in their Paris studio. https://www.fashionheaveninc.com/podcast/episode/4a484121/raw-talent-podcast-s2-episode-6-with-home-decor-studio-datcha-paris

They seek out artisans to realise their creations preserving handmade and endangered heritage, traditions and techniques, freeing them from folklore to create pieces that meet the expectations of our modern lifestyles. Exuding clean lines and natural materials such as wood, wool, glass and earthenware whilst promoting traceability and authenticity. Behind each object there is a meeting, a craftsman and a story.

Their collections are often inspired by the artisans they meet and are built around ceramics which they unify and harmonise with a small colour palette or even one colour. Since artisans are generally not on the internet, they have enlisted the help of a local talent scout in Morocco. As part of the discovery process they also visit small villages and speak with local people. However discoveries happen in many different ways for example, Mariedek found a plate from the 50s in a thrift shop, he looked it up online and discovered the workshop is still going, run by 3 sisters in Spain which led to a collaboration and the creation of some of their best selling plates.

Upon opening their Parisian store two years ago, at first people assumed they were selling wholesale items. However when they learned that the collection is designed and curated by Amandine and Meriadek and produced by artisans, a loyal following started to build. They discovered their customers really like the idea of learning about the techniques and the story behind each piece. The pandemic has also shifted customer mindsets a stage further, with people shut in doors for two months, they have looked around their homes and discovered what is missing, which is reflected in their purchases opting for useful items and pieces that make their rooms cosier, something we can all relate to.

Meriadek tells us about Datcha’s upcoming collaborations which include AM.PM for which they have designed a special range of vases, candle holders and a jug made by one their favourite potters in Northern Spain using the black pit fire technique dripping food colour into the ceramics to create a unique design. It is a big commercial collaboration for Datcha Paris and for the artisan.

They have also designed custom made tableware for a restaurant in Paris seeking to create a unique customer experience. A trend we are seeing steadily grow.

If you are interested in exploring Datcha Paris, they are stocked globally across Ireland, Europe, the US and Far East and by Liberty London in the UK. https://www.datchaparis.com/