• Fiona Abrahams

The Impact Revolution

We are entering an era of Impact Revolution, something keenly felt across the fashion and creative industries with the emergence of brands, founded by individuals inspired by the growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, to create planet conscious product that supports livelihoods, crafts, traditional communities and local business.

These individuals are driving a change in thinking and a move away from the old notion of business solely for profit, to business for impact with the intention of making a positive contribution to society.

They are harnessing the growing inclination of people around the world to protect our planet and create green and environmentally sustainable industries. With this we are seeing the demise of the old guard and rise of the new, driven by micro-industries of emerging brands led by inspired individuals eager to bring product to the market on their terms. Harnessing the freedom of the internet and an ever growing direct to consumer culture where social media and continually evolving smart web and social media marketing platforms, make everything possible and keep overheads low.

Of course we still need the human touch, more so now than ever. Human ingenuity and passion will always be the driving force in our world, which also means collaboration has never been more vital, whether it be focused on structure, strategy or resources, we partner with likeminded brands where we can make a difference. Working with visionary owners and teams on cost effective strategies, processes, culture, hiring and problem solving.

The types of projects we work on vary from brand building and consultancy to recruitment and executive hires along with collaboration on short, medium and long term planning. We also have an army of trusted freelancers at our disposal, including a PR genius, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce specialists, Production and Development experts with green credentials, Seamstresses and an array of design talent, all providing a flexible and cost effective solution.

While we’ve been locked down, we have created a podcast series called Raw Talent, which explores the career journeys of industry insiders, tune in, subscribe and rate us, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Book of the month

In Sir Ronald Cohen’s book Impact, in a large scale example he explains how measuring impact has the power to galvanise action. Take what happened in 2008, when the US embassy in Beijing decided to place sensors on its roof, so that it could advise is employees when pollution levels were so high that they should stay indoors. The sensors automatically tweeted data every hour, which put pressure on the Chinese government, since its own published data tended to understate the real levels. By 2013, the Chinese government acknowledged the severity of air pollution in the city, and pledged hundreds of billions of dollars to reduce it.

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